Suppliers of disposable containers for various foods, including beverages. Food types may be processed (instant noodles), raw (meat), or cooked (delicatessen), etc

We supply containers to restaurants, event planning/catering compaies and fastfood takeouts - We offer a large variety of container ranging from various Fomo’s, Pizza boxes, Butcher bags and Take away Coffee cups.

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Pizza Boxes Various Sizes

White Pizza Box


Platter Tray & Dome Lid



Fomo 6 - Hamburger Container


Sushi Container

Big Sushi Container

Black Sushi Container

Fomo 41 - No Division

Fomo 40 - With Division


Bread Packet

Enviro Brown Retail  Bag

White Window Bag

Butcher Bags 25 x 40

Butcher Bag 45 x 60

Butcher Bag 15 x 25

Large Sandwich Wedge

S08 - Brown Paper Packets

Sandwich Wedge

Cake Box

Cup Cake Container With Window

Foil Take Away Containers

Foil Container 4011 - 3440ml

Foil Containers 4150 - 890ml

Uni Cup

Brown Large Soup Clutch

Fomo 4 - Hot Dog Container

Carry Bags

Vaccum bags

White Ripple Cups

Black Ripple Cups

Foam Cup

Enviro Brown Ripple Cup

Cup Lids White or Black

Clear Milkshake Container

Take Away Cup Holder