Our objective is to provide our clients with a large range of mops, brooms, mop heads, mop handles, colour coded mop heads, bucket and wringers, designed to assist with their cleaning process.


Various mops and brooms are available in Wood, PVC and Aluminium..

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Aluminium Mops

Wooden Mop Handle with Metal Clip

Colour Coded Mop Heads

Mop Handle and Platic Mop Clip

Mop Heads with Fan Clip

Fan Mop Clips

Hygiene Mop Handles

Hard Broom

Soft Broom

Wire Brush With Plastic Handle

Other Brooms

Spunlace Mop Head

Metal Squeegee

Long Handle Dustpan and Brush

Squeegee 450 mm

Wooden Wire Brush

Mops, Brooms, Bucket & Wringers


Round Hygiene Mop Head

Hygiene Scrubbing Broom - Hard

Hygiene Sweeping Broom 400mm

Hygiene Hard Deck Scrubbing Broom 470

HACCP 175mm Scrub

HACCP Hygiene Brooms

Short Handle Scrub Brush

HACCP Slim Line Poly Brush

HACCP Strip Brush

Mop Hnabdle Grips

Aluminium Handle 1000m

HACCP Powdered Coated Handles

Long Handle Scrubbing Brush

280mm Scrubbing Brush

Viking Hygiene Lobby Broom